The rules governing bankruptcy are complex.  There are many documents which need to be filed and numerous deadlines to be met.  Many debtors who start their cases without legal representation soon find themselves in a position where they need legal advice.

From the attorney’s standpoint, it is much easier to review a potential client’s case prior to filing than to rework a case which has already been filed with the court.  If the case is filed correctly the first time, the case will move more smoothly through the bankruptcy process than if multiple corrections need to be completed.

Furthermore, there are requirements to produce a volume of documents to the Trustee’s office which support the claims made in the petition and schedules.  Experienced lawyers will know what is required prior to filing a case, and will have provided these documents to the appropriate parties prior to any hearings.

An experienced attorney will also know how to list and protect the debtor’s assets.  These exemptions can be confusing if you are not familiar with the bankruptcy code.  Those of us who practice in this area of law can all recall at least one instance when a debtor chose to represent themselves, didn’t protect a piece of property, and had the Trustee’s office attempt to collect the property to sell it for the benefit of creditors.  This does NOT have to be the case.

At A Better Way Bankruptcy, we have over 23 years of experience having filed thousands of cases with the Bankruptcy court.  Why hire an attorney?  We know what the courts are looking for, we know the deadline schedules, and we know at the end of our consultations what will work best for you to get you the relief you need.  Let our experience make the process easier for you.  We will take away your headaches so you can sleep at night knowing your case is in good hands.  We are with you every step of the case, and we will show you there is A Better Way.


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