You are not alone!


Even some of the “Rich & Famous” have had to file bankruptcy…

Benedict Arnold
Phineas Taylor Barnum (P.T.) –   founder “The Greatest Show on Earth”
Lionel Bart – British composer-lyricist-playwright
Kim Bassinger – Oscar-winning actress
L. Frank Baum – Author, famous for the Wizard of Oz
Jay Black – rock star, lead member of Jay and the Americans
Concrete Blonde – rock group
David Bowie – singer/actor
Loraine Bracco – who stars as Dr. Jennifer Melfi in ‘The Sopranos’
Matthew Brady – famous. Civil War photographer (1872).
Toni Braxton – rock star
Anita Bryant – singer (twice)
Nell Carter – Actress
Samuel L. Clemens (“Mark Twain”) – best-selling American author-humorist
George Clinton – rock star
Natalie Cole – singer
Gary Coleman – actor
John Connelly – former Treasury secretary and Texas governor
Francis Ford Coppola – Oscar-winning film writer-director-producer
Seymour Cray – inventor of the Cray supercomputer
Cathy Lee Crosby – actress,  author
David Crosby, Entertainer
Doris Day – actress
Vic Damone – singer
Dorothy Dandridge – Oscar-nominated actress-singer
Lee de Forest – Oscar-winning film/sound synchronization pioneer; producer (1937)
Dino De Laurentis – Oscar-winning film producer
Walt Disney – Oscar-winning film producer; animation & theme park pioneer (1923)
Jim Dooley – Former Chicago Bear and coach
Lenny Dysktra – New York Mets baseball player, winner of the 1986 World Series
Eddy “the Eagle” Edwards – Great Britain’s first Olympic ski jumper
Keith Famie – Survivor II: The Australian Outback contestant
Eddie Fisher – singer — declared bankruptcy four times!
Mick Fleetwood – rock star; leader of “Fleetwood Mac”
Heidi Fleiss – Clothing line founder; author, Infamous Madame
Henry Ford – auto magnate
George Foreman, former Heavyweight Boxing Champion
William Fox – co-founder of 20th Century Fox Film Corporation (1936)
Zsa Zsa Gabor, Actress
Marvin Gaye – singer
Linda Georgian – spokesperson for Psychic Friends Network
Andy Gibb – rock star
Charles Goodyear, inventor of vulcanized rubber
Ulysses S. Grant – 18th U.S. President; Civil War general; author; pictured on the U.S. fifty dollar bill (in 1884, after leaving office)
Elizabeth Ward Gracen – actress; model; Miss America 1982
Archie Griffin – college football’s only two-time Heisman Trophy winner
Bob Guccione – publisher and founder of Penthouse magazine
Merle Haggard – country music star
Corey Haim – actor
Dorothy Hamill – 1976 olympic gold medalist figure skater
M.C. Hammer – rapper
Richard Harris – Oscar-nominated actor-producer-director (twice bankrupt)
Isaac Hayes – Oscar-winning songwriter-composer-musician-singer
Henry Heinz, ketchup magnate
Sherman Hemsley – actor
Milton Hershey, chocolate magnate
Paul Heyman – founder and CEO of ECW
Ron Isley – rhythm-and-blues singer (The Isley Brothers)
La Toya Jackson – rock star
Michael Jackson, singer
Thomas Jefferson – 3rd U.S. President
Don Johnson – actor-producer
Janice-Marie Johnson – rock star/disco diva
Kacey Jones – country music star; musical humorist
Clay Jordan – Survivor V: Thailand contestant; restaurateur
Chaka Kahn – rock star
Margot Kidder – actress, famous for playing Lois Lane in the Superman movies
Larry King – host of the Larry King Live
Bowie Kuhn – former U.S. baseball commissioner
Gary Kurtz – Oscar-nominated film producer (Star Wars, American Graffiti)
Veronica Lake – actress (1951)
Cyndi Lauper – rock star, boxing manager/promoter
Stan Lee – comic book industry pioneer (Spider Man,The Incredible Hulk,The X-Men and more, ’nuff said)
Jerry Lewis – actor, comedian, fundraiser
Jerry Lee Lewis – rock star
Abraham Lincoln – former US president and all-around good guy
Mindy McCready – country music star
George McGovern – former United States Senator and presidential candidate
Denny McLain – baseball pitcher
Ed McMahon – Television Personality
Ashley MacIsaac – musician
Meat Loaf – actor, rock star
Melba Moore – singe, actress
Lorrie Morgan – country music star, author
Motor City Five/MC5 – 1960’s rock group
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, composer
Willie Nelson – singer-songwriter-actor, author
Wayne Newton- singer, actor, entertainer, Las Vegas legend
Mary Nolan – actress
Johnny Paycheck – country music star
Tom Petty – singer/songwriter
Susan Powter – exercise/fitness expert; talk-show host, author
Randy Quaid – actor/producer
Rembrandt – painter
Burt Reynolds – actor
Debbie Reynolds – actress
Mickey Rooney – Oscar-nominated actor
Harry Saltzman – film producer (James Bond movies)
Anna Nicole Smith – model-actress; 1993 Playboy magazine “Playmate of the Year”
Leon Spinks – heavyweight Boxer and olympic gold medalist
Sheryl Swoopes – American professional basketball player, has won three Olympic gold medals and is a three time Most Value Player of the W.N.B.A.
J. Fife Symington – Governor of Arizona (filed while still in office)
Lawrence Taylor, former football great
TLC, Vocal group
Donald Trump –  businessman (casinos: Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts Inc.) (1992; 2004)
Mark Twain, humorist
Mike Tyson – boxer
Johnny Unitas – legendary Hall of Fame football quarterback
Rembrandt Haremenszoon Van Rijn – famous Dutch painter (1656)
Oscar Wilde – Irish Playwrite (1897)
Tammy Wynette – country music star

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