I’m Broke! I Need a Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer !

Affordable Southfield Bankruptcy Attorney

I Know everyone price shops, heck I do too but lets put price shopping your bankruptcy attorney in perspective. If you needed heart surgery would you price shop the doctor you need to save your life? Would you really want the cheapest doctor or the one with the most experience in the field you need? Why are you looking for the cheapest person to entrust your financial future to?

Instead of price shopping your bankruptcy attorney shop their EXPERIENCE. Look for an attorney who has been doing BANKRUPTCY for at least 11 years. Why 11 years ? Because they know the law before and after the changes made in 2005. You need someone who KNOWS what they are doing, without question.

We give you both! Our attorney has been doing bankruptcy exclusively for over 40 years. He practices bankruptcy exclusively and at an affordable price. Call us today for a free consultation. Let us help you get some peace of mind! Let us help you to get relief from debt. 

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