How Soon Can I File Bankruptcy Again?

ERASE YOUR BILLSWe get asked this all the time. There are a series of time constraints on when you can file another bankruptcy if you have had successfully discharged bankruptcy.

Here’s how it goes:

From date of FILING

Chapter 13 to Chapter 13 is 2 years.
Chapter 7 to Chapter 13 is 4 years.
Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 is 6 years (if your plan paid under 70% to your unsecured creditors).
Chapter 7 to Chapter 7 is 8 years.

There are subtleties to the law that can be confusing yet can be overcome. Don’t look at these dates and think you can’t refile. Odds are you can. This is what we specialize in. We can help you, please feel free to call!

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