Bankruptcy and COVID-19

If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy or are currently in a bankruptcy you’re probably wondering how has COVID-19 affected bankruptcy. You have come to the right place!

Our office

At this time the attorney is meeting with only vaccinated clients. We would ask that you wear a mask.  

Our office is still working mostly from home and if you prefer we can take care of your case remotely. The bankruptcy attorney can speak to you over the phone, send you intake forms via email to fill out, you can email the documents he needs. You can even arrange to drop off documents at our office for him to pick up. If you don’t have a computer or internet it can be arranged for you to pick up these intake forms at our office in Royal Oak. 

We have the ability to accept several forms of payment including cash, check, Zelle, and cashapp. 

Let us help make your bankruptcy a more happy experience.

Bankruptcy Court

The Detroit bankruptcy court is not open and cannot accept payments or documents but the Flint and Bay City bankruptcy courts are open. Should you choose to pay your filing fee in installments you will be sending payments to the Flint bankruptcy court. Don’t worry, we will give you that information.

What about my bankruptcy hearing?

Your bankruptcy hearing will be over zoom. If you don’t have a computer or internet, you will have the option to call. The attorney will be attending the call with you as well. All call-in information will be provided about a week before your bankruptcy hearing date.

What about my stimulus payments?

The trustee does not want to take any of the stimulus payments you related to COVID you have received. 

Do I still need to pay my mortgage?

Yes. Provided you are planning on keeping your house.

Okay but what if I’m having trouble paying my mortgage?

A lot of the lenders are giving more time to make payments but if you are in bankruptcy you are still expected to make your mortgage payment. If you are not able to pay please call to speak with the attorney to discuss your options. If you are new to us you can fill out a contact form or call at (248) 439-0440.

Do I still need to pay my rent?

Yep! Unless you are moving to a different location.

But the White House/CDC/etc. said they can’t evict people.

That’s true but eventually that will end and you will get evicted for not paying a bunch of rent you owe.

The CDC’s order as of August 3, 2021 is here

If you have not been paying your rent please call and speak with our attorney.

Do I still need to make my Chapter 13 plan payments?


I’ve been having trouble with my plan payments because of COVID.

Okay! Let us know. The CARES Act gave us the ability to amend existing Chapter 13 plans and do certain things. The attorney can discuss this with you.