How to file bankruptcy in Detroit – Michigan ?

FAQs on Filing for Bankruptcy In  Detroit Michigan

How to file bankruptcy in Detroit - Michigan

A state of diverse economy and majorly known as the center of the U.S. automotive industry, there is no wonder that the state witness a huge monetary transactions and a number of legal issues germinating from these exchanges. We mainly focus on the issue of bankruptcy in our following article. While in general, the filing process for bankruptcy is similar to that of other U.S. states. There are a few Michigan-specific information to be kept in mind depending on the Michigan Law.

As a resident of Michigan, where should I file for Bankruptcy in particular?

This entirely depends on which part of Michigan are you from. Michigan is divided federal judicial districts-Eastern and Western district the bankruptcy courts are similarly divided and the main courts for east and west districts are in Detroit and Grand Rapids respectively. You can file for Bankruptcy either from the district where you have lived for more than 180 days before filing bankruptcy or where you maintain a permanent residence though you have been living away temporarily.

What is the state median for Michigan and am I eligible for filing Bankruptcy under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Michigan ?

As on 2015, Michigan state median for an average family of four was $63,893 annually. In case your average income for six months before filing for bankruptcy is less than this median you are eligible for filing bankruptcy. In case this is not so, you have to go through a string of tests to be considered as eligible for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Are there any special exemptions under Michigan Bankruptcy Laws?

Michigan bankruptcy Laws allows the debtor more flexibility to be able to protect a larger part of their properties and they can choose between state and federal exemptions.  Exemption up to $$56,650 is allowed for those over 65 years age or differently able. Other than that homeowners and their dependants are exempted up to $37,775 of their interests on housing or similar properties. For more info on homestead exemption .

Which form should I fill up for filing Bankruptcy in Michigan?

Besides bankruptcy petition, the debtor has to go through a complex calculation called the “means test” for chapter 7 and similar test for chapter 13 bankruptcies as well. Forms 22A and 22C or Statement of current monthly income and Means Calculation Test (for chapter 7 bankruptcy) and statement of Current Monthly Income and Calculation of Commitment Period And disposable Income (For chapter 13 bankruptcy) namely should be filled up according to the bankruptcy chapter under which you choose to file. These forms provide the debtor a list of expenditure that includes rent, food, and childcare. These comprise of the Standard deduction figures in Michigan.

It can be concluded that while there are differences in the federal laws all over US, they are not altogether vastly different or complex. A little prior research before filing for bankruptcy can help a lot with your future decisions.

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Identifying Your Ideal Bankruptcy Attorney In Southfield, MI

When you find yourself in need of a bankruptcy attorney it can be overwhelming sorting through the numerous bankruptcy attorneys available to you, especially in the SouthField, Michigan area. You do not have to worry though, there are various attributes that can help you sift the best debt relief lawyer from the rest. Price should not be your only criteria; you need an attorney with years of experience in bankruptcy law.  You want an attorney who not only knows the laws and procedures well, but also knows the judges and trustees.  An attorney with a good rapport with the judges and trustees is a huge asset for you, the client.

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A Better Way Bankruptcy is a highly reputed bankruptcy firm in Michigan that has proudly serves Southfield and the entire metropolitan Detroit area and suburbs for over 25 years. With offices conveniently located in Southfield and Sterling Heights, A Better Way Bankruptcy is a debt relief agency that takes pride in its highly professional and experienced bankruptcy attorneys. It is proud of the highly respected rapport it holds with all the judges and trustees.

Before you hire a bankruptcy attorney in Southfield, MI, or anywhere, you need to ensure that they are able to address the following;

  1. They should be willing and able to thoroughly explain the bankruptcy process.
  2. They should be able to handle all aspects of your bankruptcy case.
  3. They should be willing to be with you from beginning to end.
  4. They should give you a clear outline of the fees charged and the services covered by the fees.
  5. They should be highly experienced and knowledgeable with the state, federal, and local debt relief laws.
  6. They should give you a good feeling that they and their office are the right fit for you.

Make a list of questions you have before your consultation and never shy off from asking them the questions. Be very keen on the way they answer each question and make sure and question anything that is unclear to you or that you do not understand. If they give you a feeling that they are unsure, or seem to be evasive in their answers, then you may want to call another bankruptcy attorney in Southfield, MI, or wherever you are located.

Prices or fees charged should never be a deciding factor when choosing your bankruptcy lawyer in Southfield or elsewhere. You do yourself a great disservice when you choose an attorney based solely on price.  Would you choose a heart surgeon based on who is cheapest, or who is best ? The same applies here.  You are trusting your financial future to this person. Choose wisely.  Luckily, prices are relatively low now for bankruptcy attorneys in Southfield, MI and elsewhere.  Make sure that when you call an attorney you ask not only his charges, but also how many years experience he has in bankruptcy law, not just how many years he has been an attorney.

No attorney should give you his price over the phone as it is nearly impossible to gauge the complexity of a case without all the details needed.  This would mean he would need to see bank statements, tax returns, income statements and all your debts in order to make an educated appraisal of your case and its costs.  He should be able to give you a range for his fees. Remember there are also court costs added on to these fees.