Should I Stop Paying my Credit Card Bills before Filing Bankruptcy ?


Once you make up your mind about filing for bankruptcy you must sort out the bills and debts that you intend to clear through bankruptcy and those which has to be paid anyways or the non-dischargeable bills. Credit card bills are dischargeable and are the most popular types of debt to be sorted out through filing for bankruptcy all over Michigan. But when do you stop paying your credit card bills and consider filing bankruptcy ? Or what amount of credit card bill can actually be considered large enough and beyond your capacity to pay off ? Factors like whether if you can pay off your debt, or harassment you are facing from creditors or the amount of non-exempt property you own all together exert a vital influence on your decision for filing bankruptcy.

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Is my credit card bill large enough to be considered for filing bankruptcy ?

While you deliberate upon the decision of filing bankruptcy the first thing to be considered is whether you can afford to pay your credit card bill. If you have enough money to do so you may not be eligible for filing bankruptcy.

I am eligible for filing bankruptcy. Do I still need to keep paying my credit card bills?

Once you qualify as eligible for filing for bankruptcy, even before you file the petition with the federal court, you can stop paying your credit card bills as that would be nothing but wastage of money since these are the very debts you are going to wipe out through bankruptcy.

Is there any chance that I would be sued or harassed by the credit card company once I stop paying ?

If your last credit card bill is within 90 days from the day of filing for bankruptcy and was spent on luxury goods, the credit card company can sue you in that case. This situation would be posed as fraud on the grounds that you deliberately made these purchases without any intentions of paying back at all.  We strongly advice for delaying the filing for bankruptcy if this is the situation.

Apart from this, credit card companies cannot legally harass you for payment as the “automatic stay” gets active once you file your petition with the federal court that prevents creditor from extracting money legally from you.

However for the time being before filing for bankruptcy, it is likely that you get frequent calls from debt collecting agencies asking for payments. It is best to ignore these calls till you file for bankruptcy.

I am not sure if I will end up filing for bankruptcy, should I stop paying my bills anyways ?

If you have decided firmly about filing for bankruptcy, stopping your payments to the credit card company is fine but if you are not so sure would advise against non-payment. The longer you will leave out your payments the more likely you are to fall prey to lawsuits and harassment and probable damages to your credit records.

Not paying your credit card bills once you are absolutely decided on filing bankruptcy is a feasible idea but one should always be careful about any loopholes in your financial situation that may go against you. Let an Experienced Detroit bankruptcy attorney only to evaluate your financial conditions before stopping payments.

Is bankruptcy the best option for me to handle debt?

Is bankruptcy going to be the best option for me ?

One, of the most common cases to be filed in US, bankruptcy is the last resort for debtors who are facing an extreme situation of debt. Yet often the suitability of filing bankruptcy under certain situation is questioned and many debtors try and avoid filing bankruptcy as long as possible.

What choices does one have in Michigan for managing debts apart from bankruptcy filing?

Bankruptcy filing is the last resort in extreme situation. One can also go for debt settlement, reaffirmation plans and negotiate with the creditors and lastly debt consolidation. Each of these choices will require good negotiating skills and you have to pay off whole or a part of the debt you have incurred. Managing the money for paying off is the most crucial part. While you can pay off the amount over a certain span of time, the amount of debt that you are paying is an important factor to be taken into account.

How can I understand whether bankruptcy is the best option or not for me?

There are a lot of factors that should be considered in deciding whether bankruptcy is the best option for you. The amount of your debt is a major factor to be considered. If it is too huge to be paid through any of the choices mentioned above then bankruptcy should be considered and is the only choice that is left to you. The type of debt that you have incurred is also another that decide whether bankruptcy is your best choice. While credit card debts and similar one can be wiped out through bankruptcy, student loans, and child support cannot so choose accordingly. The last thing that you should consider is whether you are ready for taking a step as crucial as bankruptcy filing as there is no turning back once the procedure begins.

Consult a professional bankruptcy lawyer

While you can make a basic judgment of your situation, a bankruptcy lawyer who has been in the bankruptcy business for long can analyze your situation far more critically and minutely. Every case of debt is different from one another and hence requires handling in the right way and a professional can do exactly that and provide you the necessary advice.

File bankruptcy when there is still time

Filing bankruptcy within a certain period of time is ideally the most advantageous choice that you can make, so while pondering and considering every available option is necessary, be sure not to take up too much time and miss out on the best time for filing your case. Your bankruptcy attorney can decide when filing bankruptcy would be the best for you.

At A Better way Bankruptcy (Affordable Detroit Bankruptcy Attorney) , we strongly advise our clients to get an appointment for a consultation early even if you are not very interested with bankruptcy. This way while providing you sound advice we can also let you know the best time for filing bankruptcy if you finally resort to it. So book your consultation with us at the toll free number 844-372-7324.

STOP Wage Garnishment in Michigan by Filing Bankruptcy

How Bankruptcy helps to STOP Wage Garnishment in Michigan ?

Stop Wage Garnishment today in michigan

Wage garnishment or holding back a portion of your periodic payment to pay your creditors is a situation that is not at all desirable by anyone. You may feel that you cannot control the situation and is bound to give in to the collection process of your creditors but there are several ways in which you can prevent wage garnishment with the help of filing for bankruptcy.

How does Chapter 7 help with Wage Garnishment in Michigan ?

The moment you file for bankruptcy under chapter 7 and your petition is submitted with the court , the “Automatic Stay” is put into action which immediately prevents any collection procedure on the part of the creditors. Hence, they cannot continue with wage garnishment any longer which is also a type of collection action. However the creditor can ask the court to remove the Automatic stay. Though in most cases, it is not approved by the court, but if it is approved then the creditor can once again continue with the wage garnishment.

How long my wages are going to be protected with the help of the Automatic Stay ?

If you have a past recent record of bankruptcy, then your automatic stay will last for a short time after which you will be liable to wage garnishment again. In case your previous bankruptcy filing was dismissed with a period of one year from the current date of filing bankruptcy, then your Automatic stay will survive for 30 days. If your past record of filing for bankruptcy is more than once in the past year then the automatic stay would not be put to action at all.

Wage Garnishment in Michigan :

If you are from Michigan, according to the respective federal laws of Michigan in particular your wages can be garnished up to 25% of your income excluding taxes and social security. Another alarming point to be kept in mind for a resident of Michigan is that, if your creditor can get hold of your bank or credit union account details, they can seize the entire amount in there through a process called skip tracing.

Key to Stopping Garnishment: Timing your Bankruptcy filing deftly!

The timing is the key to efficiently stop garnishment and suffer nominal or no wage lose at all. You can even get a refund of the wages garnished by your creditors provided that the amount is more than $600 and was garnished within 90 days at most from the time of filing for bankruptcy. In case you file for bankruptcy on the 91st day after a significant amount of wage garnishment, you would not be able to get a refund.

End note:

The most important factor that you should keep in consideration while facing or going through wage garnishment is the timing. Wage garnishment can wreck havoc on your already messed up financial condition but on the brighter side with proper planning you can even recover the lost parts of your wages through bankruptcy. Contact a bankruptcy attorney today before it is too late and seek professional help. You can even contact us at our TOLL FREE  no 1-844-ERASE-BILLS, and book a FREE CONSULTATION with us if you are still in doubt.

Stop Garnishment By Hiring An Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney-Michigan

                            Stop Garnishment Now !!


A Better Way Bankruptcy’s experienced attorney can help stop garnishments by filing bankruptcy. With the current economic crisis more and more people find themselves in bankruptcy situations. Whether the garnishment has begun or it is still pending, A Better Way Bankruptcy can help stop it.

It is advisable that one hires a lawyer who has specialized in bankruptcy since you are certain that they will be committed to your case. Those who handle many different types of law may not have sufficient time to analyse your case and give the right guidance. With over 24 years of experience, the attorney at A Better Way Bankruptcy has filed many cases to stop garnishments.

At A Better Way Bankruptcy we will take the time at the free consultation to discuss your situation and determine whether or not you need to file a bankruptcy. In some cases, even with a garnishment filed, a debtor cannot be garnished. If the filing of a bankruptcy is needed, the attorney will determine whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is best to be filed and draft the appropriate documents.

In some cases, our attorney is able to get some of the garnished money returned. It depends on certain factors and he will gladly discuss those with you.

All the details relating to bankruptcy may seem complex but with an experienced attorney, you can understand them well. At A Better Way Bankruptcy we can help stop your garnishment and make filing a bankruptcy easy and hassle free.

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The merits of hiring a bankruptcy attorney lawyer Detroit-Michigan

The Pros of Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

A bankruptcy lawyer can be described as a legal professional who will guide and counsel you with respect to your financial state. The attorney at A Better Way Bankruptcy has been practicing bankruptcy for over 23 years.

Experienced bankruptcy attorney

Best bankruptcy attorney

A bankruptcy attorney plays a crucial role in advising individuals who are in financial crisis and they assist people in filing for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code; they give advice on which chapter of bankruptcy is best for you and if you need to file bankruptcy at all. If you file your bankruptcy alone, you may face issues and not know how to resolve them and you may not receive a discharge in the end. It is, therefore, advisable that you get an experienced bankruptcy attorney since he or she is conversant with every aspect of the law.

 There are advantages of hiring an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. These are explained below;

  1. The bankruptcy attorney will assess your situation and give you the right action to take.
    1. They may advise you not to file a bankruptcy case at all if it isn’t in your best interest.
  2. They advise the client on the bankruptcy chapter that is right for them.
  3. An experienced bankruptcy attorney has built a rapport with the trustees and judges.
  4. They are up to date on the laws and any changes to the laws, or to the local rules that govern your case.
  5. They know of all the deadlines and requirements of each case and can anticipate potential issues before they become a problem.

A Better Way Bankruptcy’s attorney, with more than 23 years of experience, can help you with all of those items listed above. Don’t go through it alone. Let A Better Way Bankruptcy help guide you through the process and help you get a fresh start.

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Southfield, Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney -Detroit Bankruptcy Lawyers

Identifying Your Ideal Bankruptcy Attorney In Southfield, MI

When you find yourself in need of a bankruptcy attorney it can be overwhelming sorting through the numerous bankruptcy attorneys available to you, especially in the SouthField, Michigan area. You do not have to worry though, there are various attributes that can help you sift the best debt relief lawyer from the rest. Price should not be your only criteria; you need an attorney with years of experience in bankruptcy law.  You want an attorney who not only knows the laws and procedures well, but also knows the judges and trustees.  An attorney with a good rapport with the judges and trustees is a huge asset for you, the client.

Low cost bankruptcy fees - Detroit Bankruptcy lawyer ,Affordable bankruptcy laywer

A Better Way Bankruptcy is a highly reputed bankruptcy firm in Michigan that has proudly serves Southfield and the entire metropolitan Detroit area and suburbs for over 25 years. With offices conveniently located in Southfield and Sterling Heights, A Better Way Bankruptcy is a debt relief agency that takes pride in its highly professional and experienced bankruptcy attorneys. It is proud of the highly respected rapport it holds with all the judges and trustees.

Before you hire a bankruptcy attorney in Southfield, MI, or anywhere, you need to ensure that they are able to address the following;

  1. They should be willing and able to thoroughly explain the bankruptcy process.
  2. They should be able to handle all aspects of your bankruptcy case.
  3. They should be willing to be with you from beginning to end.
  4. They should give you a clear outline of the fees charged and the services covered by the fees.
  5. They should be highly experienced and knowledgeable with the state, federal, and local debt relief laws.
  6. They should give you a good feeling that they and their office are the right fit for you.

Make a list of questions you have before your consultation and never shy off from asking them the questions. Be very keen on the way they answer each question and make sure and question anything that is unclear to you or that you do not understand. If they give you a feeling that they are unsure, or seem to be evasive in their answers, then you may want to call another bankruptcy attorney in Southfield, MI, or wherever you are located.

Prices or fees charged should never be a deciding factor when choosing your bankruptcy lawyer in Southfield or elsewhere. You do yourself a great disservice when you choose an attorney based solely on price.  Would you choose a heart surgeon based on who is cheapest, or who is best ? The same applies here.  You are trusting your financial future to this person. Choose wisely.  Luckily, prices are relatively low now for bankruptcy attorneys in Southfield, MI and elsewhere.  Make sure that when you call an attorney you ask not only his charges, but also how many years experience he has in bankruptcy law, not just how many years he has been an attorney.

No attorney should give you his price over the phone as it is nearly impossible to gauge the complexity of a case without all the details needed.  This would mean he would need to see bank statements, tax returns, income statements and all your debts in order to make an educated appraisal of your case and its costs.  He should be able to give you a range for his fees. Remember there are also court costs added on to these fees.




How Bankruptcy can help you build wealth.

Give a fresh start for financial freedom through bankruptcy 

Bankruptcy is a new beginning, not the end of the world.

In days long past the word “bankruptcy” had such a stigma attached to it that the average person or family could run the risk of being thought of as a pariah, ostracized by family and friends, excommunicated by their places of worship, even attacked by the very creditors that they needed protection from.

Thankfully, today the perception of bankruptcy is very different. Our modern society is so dependent on the availability of credit to make both major and minor purchases that bankruptcy has become an everyday occurrence, with filings being from every rung of the social and economic ladder. Whether your personal perception of someone or some business entity filing for a bankruptcy is a positive one or a negative one, the reality is that for the foreseeable future, bankruptcy is here to stay.

Bankruptcy has been a facet of the United States government as far back as 1800 under President Thomas Jefferson. While many changes have been made from the earliest days, the core ideal of bankruptcy remains unchanged; Provide protection to an individual or business that no longer had the ability to repay debt that they incurred legally. Sounds simple enough, however more than 200 years ago, you simply could not be the one that took advantage of that protection because the personal consequences you would suffer, would in most cases be far more severe than anything a creditor could do to you.

However, in the United States today, everyone is filing for bankruptcy. Ok, maybe not everyone, but the list of famous people that have had to file for bankruptcy is a veritable who’s who of Hollywood and the professional sports world.
Toni Braxton, Walt Disney, Sherman Hemsley (George Jefferson), Don Johnson, Larry King, Willie Nelson, Wayne Newton, Burt Reynolds, Donald Trump, Mike Tyson and Michael Vick have all filed for bankruptcy, and many have made the best out of a bad situation and have become as, if not more wealthy than they were before filing bankruptcy.

Now of course, as a reader of this article it is very likely that you are not a movie star, professional athlete, or business mogul but the principal of bankruptcy still stands as it did when Milton Hershey (founder of Hershey Chocolate Company) filed in 1882, that a fresh start financially can give you the opportunity to regain control of your finances and let you start to rebuild wealth without dragging along excess baggage.

Now of course when you do finally transform your current situation of excess debt and a mountain of bills into one of being debt free and building toward a brighter financial future, it is doubtful that they will put your picture on the fifty dollar bill, but every time you see one, keep in mind that even Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th President of the United States, filed for bankruptcy in 1884.

Alright, enough of the history lesson, well sort of. How many times have you said to yourself, “If only I would have been able to do (insert random mistake here) again and do it differently”? Well, I personally could write a book on my “do-over” list, but it might take some of the luster off of your opinion of me and I don’t want that. But I assume that your story contains just as many moments that you would like to do differently as mine does. While you may not be able to reconsider who you chose for a wife/husband, choose a different college degree to pursue, or which career path you chose, how poorly you handled your finances and credit, or if it was a one-time event that caused you to be overwhelmed by debt is one area where you can get a fresh start and truly begin anew.

Just imagine how much easier your life could be if only you could obtain credit, whether for a credit card, automobile, or home mortgage loan at the same interest rates that the banks offer to their highly desirable “very good credit” borrowers. As an example if you had a mortgage loan for $100,000 and your interest rate is 8.75% (poor credit), your monthly payment for the principal and interest would be $786.00 per month, conversely if you had the same $100,000 mortgage at 3.5% (very good credit) you would be paying only $449.00 per month. That is a savings of $337.00 per month and the only difference is your credit score. So how does bankruptcy fit into your boosting your credit score from poor credit to very good credit? The answer is actually quite simple. When you have a fresh start financially you begin to rebuild your credit rating almost immediately. Think of it as ripping a bandage off quickly, sure your credit score is going to be affected by the bankruptcy filing, but if your credit is already poor, this is the least of your worries. With simple regular maintenance and repaying your bills on-time going forward, your credit rating will begin to rise almost overnight. It is not unusual for someone that filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to add one hundred or more points to their credit score within the first year without doing anything but paying their ongoing bills on time.

Want to purchase a new home or refinance the one you are currently living in? The popular misconception is that since bankruptcy remains on your credit for ten years that buying a home or refinancing your mortgage is impossible. However, the reality is that a homeowner or someone looking to buy a home can do so in
three years after a bankruptcy. Mortgage financing is usually the most difficult credit to obtain, automobile financing and credit cards are available much sooner.

If you are truly looking for a fresh start to your financial life, bankruptcy can be the first step toward total financial restoration and open doors to previously unavailable credit, savings and wealth.

Now is the time to maximize your potential by erasing your debt and moving forward.